Santasalo is a leading manufacturer of industrial gearboxes for process industries worldwide and provides full lifecycle service support for both Santasalo and third party gearboxes. With more than a century of gear unit expertise, a strong track record for reliable performance, and a rich brand heritage and proven application experience, Santasalo's innovative power transmission solutions keep industrial processes running at optimal levels. In 2013, Santasalo was relaunched into the industrial gears market following a decision from the Moventas Group to strengthen the distinction between the industrial and wind gears businesses.

Santasalo enjoys a rich gear unit history that spans more than a century and is tied to many well-known brand names*. As a result we are expert at providing reliable, durable, and efficient mechanical power transmission solutions for a wide range of industries. Our large, global installed base of customers demonstrates the confidence customers place in us as a reliable and responsive power transmission partner.

* Previously Santasalo and its predecessors manufactured products under the brands shown below. Today, we are independent of these brands and their current owners but continue to offer expert service for these brands, just as we do for our own Santasalo branded gear units.

·         ASEA

·         Metso Drives

·         Rauma-Repola

·         Sauerwald

·         Valmet Power Transmission

·         Wärtsilä

·         Asea

·         Parkano Gears