NSK – High-ranking visit in St. Petersburg 8.8.2017

NSK Ltd is a Japanese bearing manufacturer founded in 1916.

Today, NSK is a global operator with over 27,000 employees in 29 countries. NSK is one of the leading roller bearing manufacturers in the world.

NSK is well known for its broad selection of high-quality products, including ball-type and roller-type linear guides.


Mr. Yasuhiro Kamio, President and CEO

Mrs. Annika Schmedes, S&N, Managing director, 
chairman of the board

Mr. Juergen Ackermann, MD EIBU CEO NSK Europe / 
Vice Pres. NSK Ltd

Mr. Sergey Zemsky, S&N LLC, General Manager

Mr. Issei Murata, Executive Vice President

Mr. Yuuichirou Okada, Chief Adviser EIBU

Mr. Nobuyoshi Tsujimoto, Aftermarket Adviser, 
Industrial Services EIBU

Mr. Akio Kajiura, Industrial Machinery Business Division
- HQ Global Aftermarket Department

Mr. Stephen Chan, Director, HQ Global Aftermarket Department

Mr. Vadim Morogov,Business Development Manager / Office Head

Mr. Toru Isawa, Deputy Office Head And Engineering Advisor

Mr. Sergey Chernikov, Sales Manager, North-West Russia