Food processing industry


Our selection contains carefully selected and technically high-quality products. But service is the thing our customers thank us most for.

Components and design support for device manufacturers

Our portfolio covers a wide range of products for the food processing industry in particular. Stainless steel bearings and transmission components and food grade lubricants offer unique possibilities to our co-operation partners. Not only do we offer technically high-quality products, but also design support to device manufacturers. By contacting us in the initial phases of device design, the designer will come up with better solutions in consultation with our expert.

Spare parts and components for the maintenance of the industry

We offer a broad selection of spare parts for the existing equipment used in the food processing industry. In most cases, we can also improve the operation of an existing device by utilising our skills and experiences we have gained from similar applications

Our product range

Our product range for the food processing industry includes the following products:

Our services

Our customers know us as a helpful and flexible supplier. We always operate with the best brands.

We can deliver quickly as we maintain a broad stock and receive order supplements directly from our clients' central warehouses. In addition to our comprehensive skills and product range, we offer consignment stock and safety stock services.

We would be delighted to visit your company and learn your needs in order to achieve the optimum overall solution. We also arrange product, installation and maintenance training for our customers when necessary.

We can be contacted by phone and e-mail but we are always happy to pay you a visit as well.

Our products are available 24/7 from our e-store SnoyNet.

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